About Us

Charity Rehabbersregisted_logo, LLC, is a Premier Real Estate Solutions Company that is committed to REHABBING HOMES, IMPROVING NEIGHBORHOODS and SUPPORTING CHARITIES.

REHABBING HOMES:Charity Rehabbersregisted_logo, LLC purchases homes of all types, price ranges, locations and condition (we will buy homes ranging from severely distressed to move-in condition).We pride ourselves on rehabbing these homes we purchase and transforming them into a home that families can enjoy and create memories to last a lifetime.

IMPROVING NEIGHBORHOODS:At Charity Rehabbersregisted_logo, LLC, we believe each home we purchase, rehab and sell is a positive step for the neighborhood.  By trying to leave the homes in better and more valuable condition than we found it, we attempt to make our contribution to the neighborhood with improved home values, attracting families that will have pride of ownership and transforming the property into a home the neighborhood can be proud of.  While we can’t guarantee achievement of this goal in every neighborhood we invest in, our commitment to improving neighborhoods drives us to take positive steps each day in pursuit of this goal.

SUPPORTING CHARITIES: At Charity Rehabbersregisted_logo, LLC, supporting charities is one of the foundations of our existence. We support charities through an activity we call PHILANTHROHABBINGregisted_logo. We define Philanthrohabbingregisted_logo as the act of buying and selling property with a portion of the property sale price and/or profit from the sale going to charity. At Charity Rehabbersregisted_logo, LLC, we focus our Philanthrohabbingregisted_logo activities on supporting our 3 favorite types of charities which include:

  1. Supporting Our Troops and their families who sacrifice to protect our freedom
  2. Supporting Children who represent the future of our existence
  3. Supporting Animals and Wildlife who need our help to continue to exist and prosper so future generations can continue to enjoy them like we do

OUR UNIQUE APPROACH TO DONATING (Get the Home Buyer and Agents Involved!):At the close of the sale transaction (after we have rehabbed the property), we provide the Buyer of the Home, as well as the Listing and Selling Agents for the home with a list of our favorite charities (under the 3 aforementioned categories above) so they can help us direct our donations to the Organization they select. In doing so, we allow others to participate in a positive act of kindness that will help some of the many great organizations/causes in this world.